BJJ Adults

Dive into the World of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Gymnasia

Join us to learn the art and science of BJJ, under the esteemed guidance of our head coach Nicholas Daniel. Our methods blend tradition with modern techniques, providing a comprehensive learning experience for our members.

Meet our Head Coach - Nicholas Daniel

Hailing from Australia, Nicholas Daniel, a distinguished brown belt in BJJ, is a proud student of the renowned grappling champion, Lachlan Giles. Under his guidance, our students are introduced to modern aspects of BJJ, including the increasingly popular and technical realm of leg attacks.
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Master the art of ground fighting. Learn chokes, locks, and holds that neutralize opponents regardless of size.
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👸 Ladies class

Join our women-only group class on Saturdays, led by purple belt Maria Bascom. Learn the art and science of BJJ in a supportive, inclusive environment.
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🤼‍♂️ Train Hard, Recover Harder

Gymnasia doesn’t stop with top-notch training:
  • After each BJJ class, students have the privilege of an hour-long open mat session, providing the perfect platform to practice, refine, and perfect their techniques.
  • After the grind, our students indulge in a rejuvenating recovery experience. Let the warmth of the sauna and steam room relax your muscles. For those seeking a burst of invigoration, the cold exposure from our ice barrel awaits!
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🏆 Champions in the Making

Our commitment to excellence is evident from our track record. The Gymnasia BJJ team competes in the prestigious AJP tournaments and boasts several champions in various categories, both gi and nogi. With us, you're training among the best.
After 1 year in existence Gymnasia took a 3rd place in a team competition.
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Gymnasia get cutting edge knowledge from the best instructors. See highlights of Eoghan O’Flanagan seminar.
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🏋️‍♀️ Beyond BJJ: Conditioning Classes

At Gymnasia, we understand that a great BJJ practitioner is made not just on the mats, but off them too. That's why we offer exclusive conditioning classes tailored for our BJJ students. These sessions:
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Aid in speedy recovery
  • Significantly reduce injury risk
This holistic approach ensures our students remain in peak form, both in competitions and daily training.

Join the Gymnasia family and elevate your BJJ journey like never before!
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