Sports Clinic - SPRI

The story of Gymnasia Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Institute (SPRI) began in 2022, when a team of sports experts and the founders of the Gymnasia multifunctional sports facility united with a shared vision.
Our mission is to elevate athletic performance and provide effective rehabilitation. We aim to help both amateur and professional athletes achieve sustainable results in their sport domain and recover from injuries with resilience. We also provide top-tier rehabilitation and wellness care for our non-athletic clients.
We achieve this through an evidence-based approach, utilizing the best technology and procedures available. Our services are a blend of performance diagnostics and rehabilitation therapies, ensuring that athletes not only reach their peak but also maintain their health and longevity in their sport.
Our team is a unique blend of world-class researchers, sports conditioning professionals, wellness, and rehabilitation experts. They've worked with Olympic-level teams and athletes, bringing a wealth of expertise to our institute.
SPRI has its own revolutionary programs and technical solutions that have no analogues in the world aimed to improve athletic performance.
SPRI Structure
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The Performance Department is focused on assessing and training athletes to improve their performance. The department's framework can be divided into four stages:
  • Comprehensive functional condition testing using measuring equipment.
  • In-depth analysis of an athlete's functional abilities based on testing results.
  • Development of an individual program to improve athletic performance.
  • Client support, analysis, and correction until their goals are achieved.
The Performance Department's clients are mainly professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.
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The Rehabilitation Department is dedicated to treating sports and non-athletic injuries, including traumas and medical conditions. Our team includes physiotherapists, osteopaths, and functional training specialists, making it a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team. We believe that a holistic approach helps to optimally manage the most serious injuries.
The Rehabilitation Department serves professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and non-athletic individuals alike.