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Ninja for Kids (Ages 5-16) at Gymnasia

Tbilisi's First Ninja Gym for Young Warriors

Unleash The Ninja Within You
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Embark on a Ninja Adventure at Gymnasia
Gymnasia proudly introduces the first Ninja gym in Tbilisi, designed for kids aged 5 to 16. Our Ninja program offers a thrilling obstacle course experience that combines fun, fitness, and skill development in a unique and challenging way.

Why Choose Our Ninja Program for Kids?
  • Innovative Obstacle Courses: Engage in a variety of dynamic obstacles inspired by the Ninja Warrior concept.
  • Develop Strength and Agility: Perfect for improving physical strength, coordination, and agility.
  • Boost Confidence and Perseverance: Overcoming obstacles teaches valuable life skills like determination and self-confidence.
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A Playground for Aspiring Ninjas

Our Ninja gym is a space where young enthusiasts can:
  • Experience Challenge and Excitement: Each obstacle is a new adventure, offering a fun and stimulating experience.
  • Safe and Supervised Environment: Our experienced instructors ensure safety while encouraging kids to push their limits.
  • Cultivate a Love for Fitness: Turning exercise into an exciting game, perfect for fostering a lifelong interest in physical activity.

Program Schedule and Registration
  • When: Discover the ideal class for your young ninja on our schedule.
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Join Our Community of Young Ninjas
Stay connected and be part of our growing ninja family:

Your Ninja Journey Begins Now
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Is your child ready to tackle challenges, learn new skills, and have a blast? Gymnasia's Ninja for Kids program is the perfect place to start. Join us and watch your child grow into a confident and agile young ninja!