Judo kids (5-16 years)

🥋 Unveiling the World of Judo for the Young Champions

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Gymnasia is thrilled to introduce our specialized Kids Judo program, a perfect blend of discipline, fun, and physical education, designed meticulously for our youngest members.

Head coach Giorgi Gvelesiani

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Giorgi Gvelesiani is a distinguished Georgian judoka and coach.
Drawing from his extensive experience in the sport, he has dedicated himself to mentoring the next generation of athletes.
Giorgi's unique coaching methodology fuses traditional Georgian judo techniques with contemporary European approaches. This innovative blend not only offers his students a diverse set of skills but also equips them with a broader understanding of judo as an evolving martial art.
Passionate about his work, Giorgi believes in adapting to the times while maintaining the core principles and spirit of the sport, ensuring that his students receive a well-rounded and forward-thinking education in judo.

🌱 Why Judo for Kids?

Judo, an ancient martial art, is more than just a sport. It's a journey of self-discovery, respect, and perseverance. At Gymnasia, we've tailored our Kids Judo program to:
  • Enhance Physical Fitness: From flexibility to strength, judo offers a full-body workout.
  • Boost Confidence: Facing challenges and learning new techniques empower children with newfound confidence.
  • Foster Discipline & Respect: Judo instills a deep sense of respect for oneself, peers, and the sport.
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🌟 Our Unique Approach

Safe and Nurturing Environment: Your child's safety is our utmost priority. Our qualified instructors ensure every session is conducted with meticulous care, allowing kids to explore judo safely.
Participation in Competitions: We believe in the spirit of healthy competition. Our young judokas have the opportunity to test their skills in various tournaments, boosting their morale and competitive spirit.
Focus on Standup Game: A unique aspect of our program is the blend of judo's traditional techniques with modern standup game tactics, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.
Nevaza Ground Game skills: Our students attend Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes to get deeper understanding of ground game technics.

🤝 Community & Values

Beyond techniques and training, we emphasize the importance of community and values:
  • Anti-Bullying Curriculum: Judo is not just about physical strength but also about understanding and empathy. We instill anti-bullying values, ensuring our young members grow as responsible individuals.
  • Building Team Spirit: Through group activities and sparring sessions, children learn the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.
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Our facility is fresh, clean and convenient
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Welcome your child into the dynamic world of judo at Gymnasia, where learning goes beyond techniques to inculcate values, discipline, and a sense of belonging.