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Fostering Young Champions with a Renowned Trainer

Empower Your Child with Kids Boxing under Giorgi Gabodze
Gymnasia's Kids Boxing program, led by the distinguished Coach Giorgi Gabodze, offers a unique opportunity for children in Tbilisi to learn boxing. This program combines fun and discipline, teaching boxing skills, enhancing fitness, and building character in a safe and nurturing environment.

Why Choose Kids Boxing with Giorgi Gabodze?
  • Expert Guidance: Train under Giorgi Gabodze, a certified boxing trainer and 4X Georgian champion.
  • Safe and Educational: Focus on age-appropriate techniques in a child-friendly setting.
  • Build Confidence and Skills: Learn from a coach who has competed in world and European championships.

About Coach Giorgi Gabodze

Giorgi Gabodze is not just a coach but a mentor who brings a wealth of experience to Gymnasia's Kids Boxing program:
  • Professional Achievements: Pro & Amateur Boxer, 4X Georgian Champion, International Competitor.

Class Schedule and Registration
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Begin a Journey of Growth and Learning
Is your child ready to step into the world of boxing? With Coach Giorgi Gabodze's guidance at Gymnasia, they will learn more than just boxing - they will learn about discipline, respect, and perseverance.