Baby Ninja

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Baby Ninja at Gymnasia

Adventure and Fun for Little Warriors (Ages 2-5)

Introducing Baby Ninja: A World of Movement and Play
Gymnasia is thrilled to present Baby Ninja, a unique 'Ninja Warrior' style obstacle course designed specifically for children aged 2 to 5 years. This exciting program encourages physical activity, coordination, and fun, all in a safe and engaging environment.

Why Baby Ninja at Gymnasia?
  • Safe and Stimulating Obstacle Courses: Tailored for young children to explore and enjoy.
  • Build Fundamental Skills: Enhance coordination, balance, and agility while having a blast.
  • Encourage Active Play: A great way to introduce young kids to the joy of physical activity.
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Tiny Warriors, Big Adventures

Our Baby Ninja course is designed to captivate and challenge your little ones:
  • Age-Appropriate Challenges: Obstacles that are fun and achievable for tiny warriors.
  • Supervised Play: Our experienced staff ensure a safe and nurturing play environment.
  • Foster Early Development: Encourages physical fitness, motor skill development, and confidence.

Program Details and Registration
  • When: Find the perfect class timing for your little ninja on our schedule.
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A World of Play and Learning Awaits
Ready for your little one to become a Baby Ninja? Join us at Gymnasia for an experience filled with fun, learning, and adventure. Let's turn playtime into an extraordinary journey of discovery!