Gymnasia Ninja Race (Trim Trail) at Lisi Lake

Ninja Race is an (OCR) obstacle run course line or Trim Trail. Located at Lisi Lake at the main alley. Kids from 4 till 16 years enjoy the course which has different obstacles with the most fun and dynamic zip line in the middle. This playground is create by Gymnasia sports team.
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Our trail isn’t just another fitness pathway:
  • Engaging Obstacles: Navigate through a series of fun and challenging obstacles designed to test agility, strength, and endurance.
  • Immerse yourself in the lush greens and tranquil waters of Lisi Lake as you sweat it out.
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🧒 Children's Sporty Playground

At Gymnasia, we believe in cultivating the love for fitness early:
  • A dedicated section of our Trim Trail is tailored for children, offering a myriad of playful challenges.
  • Integrated seamlessly with nature, it's a playground where fun meets physical activity, and where young ones can imbibe the joy of movement.

Gymnasia's Ninja Race at Lisi Lake is more than just a fitness track — it's an adventure waiting to be experienced. Dive into the harmonious blend of physical challenges and natural beauty. Bring along your family, challenge friends, or take on a solo quest. See you on the trail!